Best of Ohio Short Stories now on Amazon

If you have a Kindle, you can start reading this amazing anthology right now.  My short story “Open House” and seventeen other stories were chosen from hundreds of submissions to represent the best fiction Ohio has to offer. Presented by the Columbus Creative Cooperation, this anthology is the first of its kind. Download on Amazon now, or get yourself a paperback copy.

Very proud to be a best of Ohio writer.

Liar’s League Hong Kong

My short story “The Curse” has just been selected to be performed by the Liars’ League. Liar’s League is a unique organization that brings actors and writers together in a monthly evening of literary entertainment.  They have branches all over the world in cities like London, Leeds, and New  York, and my story will be read at the August 26th event ‘Faith & Fear’ at Liars’ League Hong Kong.

The story will be published on their website, as well as a video of the actress performing my piece.

Liar’s League is a great opportunity for up-and-coming writers (as well as actors). They accept submissions monthly, and there’s always a different theme to write on which means you’ll never run out of ideas.

‘Skin’ kickstarter has launched

It begins! The Kickstarter page for my latest project with Ben Aston has launched. You can find the link here: He Took His Skin Off For Me. The page features stunning test footage, a video of me reading the story, and more.

As the writer of the story on which the film is based, it’s been amazing to see the project garner so much enthusiasm and support. One of the rewards for donating is that I will write a new, exclusive, personalized short story for the person, using a character name and setting of their choice. We’ve already had three backers select this option, and I can’t wait to see what wacky prompts they give me.

Check out the Kickstarter and official page for more information and news.